HoldFast Money Maker Camera Harness

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Any photographer who has ever tried to shoot with two camera bodies on two different straps for any extended period of time knows the frustrations that comes from getting straps tangled around your neck and not b
eing able to pull the right camera up to your face when the straps overlap in the wrong direction. When I think camera harness, my first thought does not lead me to the classy design of the Holdfast Moneymaker Harness, but rather to something far more bulky and unattractive. Wedding, sports, and event photographers rejoice- this harness not only is the most effective piece of equipment for nullifying the two-tangled-strap problem, it also makes you look sharp in the process.

The Holdfast MoneyMaker comes with everything you need to shoot with two cameras and is made from a selection of different types of leather. The strap Holdfast sent us
is made from a Bridle Leather that is stiffer to start, but breaks in slowly and is very unlikely to bleed onto clothing when it gets wet.

Once the harness is in place it is easy to grab either camera from where it hangs on either side of your body and pull it up to your face. It can be a little tight to shoot in portrait mode, but Holdfast does also offer a portrait slider that gives you a few extra inches to pull up to your face. The harness can also be used with just one camera with a few adjustments to even the load. The main clip is the same style clip that is used to attach a sail to a boat,which was when the Holdfast load-testing machine broke from the weight before the harness did.

At $215 the Bridle Leather Holdfast Moneymaker harness is the most affordable in the Moneymaker lineup, and a great investment for any photographer who likes to shoot with two camera bodies for any extended period of time – your back will thank you.

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