serie citas antena 3 online These are the new wicked albums I offer to my awesome couples. Each album is printed photographically on archival photo paper, bound to a substrate for thickness and durability, built with micro-folds for lay-flat and gutter-free goodness, and covered in 100% full-grain natural leather. (industry talk for AMAZING) starting from $600

I custom design the whole album, email it to you for approval (you can swap out a few pictures and have the option to add more pages) and then I send it off to print! It’s easy to include albums with booking, just ask the question,  or decide after your wedding. And you get a discount when you order multiple copies! (Mums LOVE these.) I’m definitely not a photographer who will push you into printing lots of things. But if you’re going to print one thing from your wedding, it should be an album. It is so much better to hold and feel the weight of these memories in your hands than clicking through a series of images on a computer screen. When you leave everything online it’s like leaving the negatives unprinted. Essentially without printing, you’re paying me for a really expensive facebook album.  I know printing isn’t cheap, but this has to be seen as an investment into your memories and family heirlooms.

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